Oh quiet Thursday (+ a poll! Everyone loves a poll!)

So my eldest niece returned to Michigan yesterday after visiting for just under a week.  Based on her Facebook updates I am under the impression that she had a good time. 

Jeremy and I have our house back to ourselves again, which is nice.  No matter how much we enjoy having company there’s still also a massive sense of relief when company leaves.  A huge sigh of  ‘Yes,’ my space is my own again.  Yesterday I peed with the bathroom door open, worry free!  Oh the luxury.  This morning I ironed my shirt whilst wearing only my bra and trousers!  Imagine that!  Or rather don’t imagine that.  I’d rather not take this blog in that direction as I’m really not that sort of girl.

I had yesterday afternoon off and spent a portion of it in the bookstore in East Dulwich.  Chener Books doesn’t have especially friendly hours for those of us who work from 9 to 5, but is a very nice little shop so I try to stop in when I can (also good if you’re in SE London and looking for a book: Review on Bellenden Road. They have a dog and slightly more friendly hours for the working stiff.) because not only is it (as mentioned) a nice little shop, but also because it is important to support independent bookstores so they don’t disappear.

I bought two books, The Mistress’s Daughter by AM Homes, and Two Serious Ladies by Jane Bowles.  The woman working the counter told me that AN Homes is one of her favourite authors and then saw my second book and said ‘Oh this is on my To Read list!  Maybe we have similar taste in books?’ This statement made me feel vastly ashamed of the romance novel in my hand bag.  Perhaps it’s time to push some more ‘serious’ reading into my book rotation.  I’ve been buying quite a lot of them recently and they just sit on the shelf and that is lame.  Not that I’ll give up on the romance novels but my brain probably needs some more exercise. 

That said, if you want to read some intelligent and fun romance you should totally check out Joanna Bourne.  She writes historicals about spies!  They are really good.

Wait, I had a point I wanted to get to when I started typing and now I’ve forgotten it and written up yet another scattered blog entry.  I need to focus this blog somehow.  Anybody feel like telling me what I should write about?

Here’s a poll, answer it.



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8 responses to “Oh quiet Thursday (+ a poll! Everyone loves a poll!)

  1. carolynintheuk

    Yes I voted for the cat, no I don’t actually intend to turn this into an entirely Oliver based blog but I wanted there to be a few glorious moments when he had 100% of the vote.

  2. H

    Haha! Yay Oliver! For what it’s worth, I enjoy the randomness of your entries. I never know what I’m gonna get when I stop by & I like that. Focus be damned! But I’m a bit of a scattered type, eh? So. btw – love the vintage-y botanical illustration. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

  3. Stevie

    OK, so I am behind, due to the being on vacation and the being sick, but I am willing to share in your secret shame, as I have just begun reading romance novels. So far, it’s mainly this silly paranormal Victorian series by Amanda Quick (she is actually Jayne Anne Krantz, but I’m not interested in modern-times set books). But I love them! The series is formulaic and I’m ready for the mold to be broken a bit, but the sex is restrained-yet-hot and there’s a feminist subversiveness to it. I will check out your spy romance recommendation next.

    • carolynintheuk

      Oh Stevie, there is no shame in Amanda Quick! I love her books too. Are they the Arcane Society books? As Jayne Ann Krentz she wrote a book with a hero who is obsessed with proper filing techniques. She is a woman after my heart.

      • Stevie

        Yes, it is the Arcane Society! I haven’t read any of the modern times ones because they seem too, uh, romancey. Are they not?

        • carolynintheuk

          Her books almost always have some sort of mystery/suspense subplot and the characters are always a touch nerdier than your typical romance books. They also don’t go in for the heavy romantic language, which can be refreshing. There are also quite a few modern Arcane Society books, although I prefer the historicals. Let me know any titles you’re looking at, if you want, I’ve read a bunch of her stuff and may be able to warn you off anything too sappy or typically romance-y.

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