Did you know that I have a tattoo?

True fact.

Did you also know that shortly after getting my tattoo, it got really infected and as a result it looks nothing like it’s supposed to look?

Also a true fact.

When I was 22 and about to move from Detroit to Las Vegas I decided I needed to commemorate the occasion by getting a sprig of rosemary tattooed on the inside of my left ankle.  Rosemary being for remembrance and all.  And me being a big nostalgic nerd with a love for the doomed ladies of Shakespeare.  It looked like it was meant to look for a couple days and then the infection set in, and now 11 years on (Really 11 years?  How did that happen?) it looks nothing like it was meant to look.  It hasn’t looked like it was meant to look since those first few days.

So I need to get the stupid thing fixed.  I’m telling you about this, here on the internets so I can get over the embarrassment of having a stupid ugly 11-year-old tattoo and work up the ovaries to call the tattoo parlour I found and book a consultation. 

At least I can blame it all on my misspent youth, although it’s probably easier to do that if there’s an exboyfriend’s name inked on your skin rather than a reference to an Elizabethan play.

Let’s just call it my nerdy misspent youth.


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