Part III

So I went in and talked to one of the guys at The Family Business Tattoo Shop yesterday after work.  And he did not laugh at me at all (except for when I thanked him for not being mean about my horrible tattoo, he thought that was funny, and technically was laughing with me, not AT me).

I showed him my ankle, and we talked about what I wanted done.  I showed him the image I found that I think will work well as a cover up.  A botanical illustration this time rather than a line drawing.  I’m not sure if it will look just like the picture, but it will be inspired by it and I would like it to have some colour this time around.

He sat me down with some artist books and I chose the one I liked best, a visiting artist from California it turns out.    He had lots of intricate work in his book, plenty of floral motifs, and lots of other really awesome looking work.  So I gave the nice man at the counter a deposit and he booked me in for a consult on 21 Sept and then the actual tattoo on the 23rd.

As we get nearer to the day I’ll post a before photo so you, dear reader(s), can have a good laugh at my expense.  You can treat the atrocity as it were a tiny cloud and make guesses at what you think it looks like as you shake your head(s) and say ‘Oh Carolyn, that’s what you get for going to *Redacted*!’  Although if you lived in or around Detroit in the 90s and you remember a tattoo chain that regularly advertised on the television, you’ll know just how foolish I was.  Jeremy often looks at my ankle and says, ‘God, Blank Blankers.  I can’t believe I married you.’

He’s just the sweetest. 

So yeah, I’m finally doing this.  And now that I’m done with feeling embarrassed I’m starting to feel pretty excited. 

Maybe I’ll get the Virgin Mary tattooed on my back while I’m at it, and a couple tear drops to help prove my street cred.

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