It’s almost time

I’m getting a new tattoo next week!  Yay!

I am getting very antsy about this now and just want this week to speed up so I can get it done.  Tuesday the 21st is my consult and if all goes well the tattoo itself will be done on Thursday the 23rd. 

It’s also almost time for me to make an unexpected trip back to Michigan after a flyby at the end of the epic southern road trip in June.  My dad’s having some surgery done and I’d like to be there to help out.  I’m basically going for selfish reasons.  I know I’ll worry and fret here (even though it’s a procedure that they are purposely doing while he is well in order to reduce any chance of issues with recovery) so I’d rather be there where I actually know what’s going on and where I can do concrete things to help, like cleaning, running errands, grocery shopping and cooking food to freeze for later.    And, of course, fetching beers for the old man, a job I have had lots and lots of practice with over the last 33 years.

I’m just waiting now for a confirmation of the dates so I can buy my plane tickets without jinxing the whole thing, but most likely, I will be there at the beginning of October for about 14 days.


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