So . . .

What does it say about me that I’ve found the blog of someone I knew once upon a time, someone I did not end on good terms with, and the thing that concerns me the most is not the poor grammar or spelling(we’re talking about his poor grammar and spelling here, not mine.  Run on sentences?  WHAT run on sentences?),  the apparent state of his life (which is fine), or the weird sex jokes (which are  weird), but rather the misuse and basic misunderstanding of an REM song?  And I know, I know, REM songs can be pretty vague, that’s half the fun, but EVERYONE knows that Losing My Religion isn’t actually about religion, it’s about losing your cool / temper.  I have seen and read multiple interviews about this.  Also, wikipedia says so, so it MUST be true. 

Clearly, the time I spent with this character was an exercise in futility.

Not that I care or anything.


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