Out of Order

This week my brain is not working.  Despite the coffee I’ve been pouring down my throat everything feels like it’s running at half speed.  I’m distracted by next week’s  flight plans and my short layover time at Dulles Airport (is an hour enough time to get to my connecting flight?  I DON’T KNOW) and my recent plan change regarding checking luggage as a result of the short layover time.  The plan change being that I will not be checking luggage, just to be safe.  Also worrying about Jeremy remembering to get someone to watch Oliver if he (Jeremy, not Oliver) has to travel while I’m away, and worrying that if Jeremy does DIY work on the house while I’m away there will be no one to spot him if he uses a ladder and what if he falls and hits his head?  Nobody would know for days!

All this compounded by a fruitless trip to Zone 6 (ZONE 6!!) for work that was a massive waste of time, and a house that still refuses to clean itself and I am just feeling . . .  I don’t know, sort of off kilter and not quite functional.

Perhaps I need more coffee

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