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So, after a few days of improvement my father’s condition worsened.  We have moved him to Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

He has a condition called ARDS.  It is pretty miserable.  Currently he is heavily sedated at all times and remains on the ventilator.  He will probably remain on the vintilator for a few weeks, maybe more, hopefully less.  This is not a situation I could ever have imagined being in.

I’ll be flying back to London on Monday, I can’t take off any more time from work.  I know I need to go back and I want to go back, but I feel conflicted about leaving as well.  It’ll be hard to be away and at a 4-5 hour time difference from everything.



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My dad is improving.  He is using less of the ventilator’s oxygen and more of his own.  This is good.

Today, he woke up from sedation for a bit when the medicine wore off and he tried to tell me something in Morse code by squeezing my hand.  I do not remember any Morse code although I did learn it when I was 12.  If you ever want to feel like a disappointment, I suggest you put yourself in this exact situation.


Please note that I am aware I am not a disappointment, I just feel like one.  It will pass.  But first I will go study some Morse code web sites and print out a goddamn cheat sheet, because even though they told us not to talk to him or stimulate him in any way, I WILL NOT be stuck in this situation ever again.

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Change in plans

Dad is on a ventilator.  He will be on it for at least a week.


As a result I am staying in MI until the 1st of November.

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Still . . .

I am still in Michigan.  I’m scheduled to go back to London on Monday night.

My dad is still in the hospital.  He was supposed to be out by Monday two days ago but he developed pneumonia and he’s not taking in enough oxygen yet.  Hopefully he’ll be out before I go back to the UK.

I am updating while the macaroni and cheese I’m making bakes and am hoping it will stop raining before i drive back to the hospital.

The leaves are still changing color but the rain will knock most of them off.

I don’t have much else to report.  It’s quiet here, there are turkeys and deer  that come into the yard.  At night when I turn the light out I can’t even see my hand in front of my face.  It’s very different from the foxes screeching and the constant light of London.


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Dear Universe

I would formally like to request the following:

  • Fewer jacked up bus journeys into work.  I am tired of sitting on an unmoving bus for at least ten minutes every morning.
  • A house that cleans itself
  • Less change.  I was just getting used to things as they are right this very second and now I’ve found out that they might be cahnging AGAIN!  Quit it.
  • A kitten.  And not a half time kitten who actually lives to houses down but likes to hang out in my house and spread his ginger cuteness around.  I want my own kitten who lives at me house all the time and helps back up Oliver in fights and territorial defense.
  • That I not miss my connecting flight in DC on Tuesday.  And then again on the 18th
  • £5000, maybe £10,000 just so I could upgrade to business class on my upcoming flights and hire someone to finish all the work I want do one my house.  And buy some new shoes.

Sound good?  I think so.

Thanks, and kindest regards


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