Dear Universe

I would formally like to request the following:

  • Fewer jacked up bus journeys into work.  I am tired of sitting on an unmoving bus for at least ten minutes every morning.
  • A house that cleans itself
  • Less change.  I was just getting used to things as they are right this very second and now I’ve found out that they might be cahnging AGAIN!  Quit it.
  • A kitten.  And not a half time kitten who actually lives to houses down but likes to hang out in my house and spread his ginger cuteness around.  I want my own kitten who lives at me house all the time and helps back up Oliver in fights and territorial defense.
  • That I not miss my connecting flight in DC on Tuesday.  And then again on the 18th
  • £5000, maybe £10,000 just so I could upgrade to business class on my upcoming flights and hire someone to finish all the work I want do one my house.  And buy some new shoes.

Sound good?  I think so.

Thanks, and kindest regards



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