My dad is improving.  He is using less of the ventilator’s oxygen and more of his own.  This is good.

Today, he woke up from sedation for a bit when the medicine wore off and he tried to tell me something in Morse code by squeezing my hand.  I do not remember any Morse code although I did learn it when I was 12.  If you ever want to feel like a disappointment, I suggest you put yourself in this exact situation.


Please note that I am aware I am not a disappointment, I just feel like one.  It will pass.  But first I will go study some Morse code web sites and print out a goddamn cheat sheet, because even though they told us not to talk to him or stimulate him in any way, I WILL NOT be stuck in this situation ever again.


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  1. So glad to hear your dad is improving. It is so sweet that he tried to communicate with you via Morse code, even if the message was lost in translation. 🙂

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