So, after a few days of improvement my father’s condition worsened.  We have moved him to Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

He has a condition called ARDS.  It is pretty miserable.  Currently he is heavily sedated at all times and remains on the ventilator.  He will probably remain on the vintilator for a few weeks, maybe more, hopefully less.  This is not a situation I could ever have imagined being in.

I’ll be flying back to London on Monday, I can’t take off any more time from work.  I know I need to go back and I want to go back, but I feel conflicted about leaving as well.  It’ll be hard to be away and at a 4-5 hour time difference from everything.



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  1. Oh, I understand that heart-wrenching feeling of having to go back to “real life” in the middle of a crisis. ((((you)))) and *~*~*your dad*~*~*

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