Things to look forward to

  1. I am going to see Godspeed You Black Emperor tonight.  I don’t care that I am still feeling a bit oogy and tired from the flu that someone whose name starts with J and rhymes with Airamy gave me last week, I am going and it is going to be good.
  2. There is a box full of goodness making its way to London from Michigan for me.  It has dried chillies and some of my dad’s old t-shirts and an old brooch of my grandmother’s and I want it to get here now, but am also enjoying (somewhat anxiously) anticipating its arrival.
  3. Chrismakah / Cocktailmas is nearly here.  We’ll be celebrating in the traditional way.  This includes drinking cocktails, watching movies, doing jigsaw puzzles, and making lots of delicious food.  It will be nice.  Very, very nice.
  4. This is a retroactive thing, a surprise good thing that happened on Saturday night when I had the insomnia (a bad thing).  So I couldn’t sleep and was feeling grumpy and angry so I went downstairs to play stupid Facebook games and watch the television, fully expecting to find only crap available for my viewing pleasure as is often the case late at night on a Saturday.  And all was dire until I got to channel 28, E4, and found the SHOWGIRLS was on!  Showgirls!!  Clearly, I had insomnia for a reason, and that reason was to watch Jessie Spano snort coke out of her fingernail and dance topless while trying to fend off the lascivious advances of Gina Gershon.  Thank you E4.


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4 responses to “Things to look forward to

  1. blueroses

    Cocktailmas sounds f-ing brilliant.

  2. You make me feel ashamed that I have never seen SHOWGIRLS. Obviously I need to remedy this, pronto.

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