Ukuleles save the day

So yesterday I was slicing some potatoes to make vegan scalloped potatoes (yeah that’s right, vegan.  And they were good too.  Veganomicon is a great book, you should buy it, even if you, like me, are something of a carnivore, although lately I prefer the term Flexitarian) when my knife slipped and ran directly into the ring finger on my left hand.  I felt a moment of pure panic, even though it didn’t hurt, and held my hand up waiting for the blood to gush.  BUT, much to my amazement, there was no blood!  My brand new callous, born of all that ukulele practice had saved the day! 

And the callous on that finger is the smallest.  Why, I bet I could chop off the entire tip of my left index finger and not notice a thing (which is not to say I’m going to, just that maybe I could.  Probably not, though.)

So, thank you G chord, I know I’m always dissing you, and your cousin the E7, but clearly you are like Mr Miyagi.  You’ve trained my fingers to be tougher than ever.  I should probably go look up the chords to one of the themes from one of the Karate Kid movies in your honour.  You’re bound to be in all them, seeing as you are everywhere.



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2 responses to “Ukuleles save the day

  1. Carolyn, I didn’t know you were blogging–yay!

    The buried lede here is that you play the uke, though.

    • carolynintheuk

      I am indeed, and I’ve really been enjoying The Beheld. I actually gave some bright red lipstick a try today, it didn’t work out very well though.

      But yes, the ukulele is the way forward for all music, and I love it.

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