Something pretty

Let’s talk about music

Because music is something I like.

Take for instance The Watson Twins covering The Cure. 

Or this band Tennis

I’m going to see them in Barcelona in May, they wrote their album while they were on a boat trip.  That’s nice.


Or Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.  My friend Heidi sent me this when I was in a bad mood one night and it cheered me up.


See it’s not all sad times with me, as long as I’m judicious in the application of musics by the likes of Joanna Newsom, The Mountain Goats and Nick Drake




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4 responses to “Something pretty

  1. Chris Sloan

    All good picks, Grasshopper. You have learned much. Watson Twins are a particular favourite.

    • carolynintheuk

      I saw them perform with Jenny Lewis when she was touring for Rabbit Fur Coat and really enjoyed them. This album was my soundtrack for a very jetlagged drive up to Attica from the airport in October as well. It’s really well suited to Midwestern autumn, although possibly not as peppy as I could have used, so they may be to blame for the fact that I ended up a good 30 miles away from where I was supposed to be at one point.

  2. Chris Sloan

    Yea, I have that album – and a couple of theirs, too (Fire Songs and another I can’t remember). I haven’t seen them live, though. Just picked up a Jenny and Johnny album, too: “I’m Having Fun Now”. Pretty good, on the first listen or two.

    I should have said: I’m really enjoying this here blog of yours. Hope you’re well – say hi to the Jer-meister for me.

  3. You would have loved the country band (Slim Chance & The Convicts) that performed at the Vietnamese restaurant (yes, for real) last week. They performed an awesome version of Just Like Heaven. Two years or so ago, pretty much all I listened to was the Rabbit Fur Coat album over and over again. For me it was a southeastern spring. Love love love.

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