Life in the UK, test me on it!

So I need to finish studying for my Life in the UK test as Jeremy and I will be taking it on Tuesday in Lewisham.
But good God, this stuff is boring! I should know, I have flash cards to prove it. So I am taking a short study break to tell the internet about it.
There are only 24 questions on the test which is both good and bad, good because it should be over quickly; bad because there isn’t much wiggle room.

So, if you can, spare me a thought at noon GMT on Tuesday. I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine but a littlee extra support never hurts.



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7 responses to “Life in the UK, test me on it!

  1. blue roses

    Why are you guys taking this test? Is it for permanent residency?

    • carolynintheuk

      That is correct. In two years (I think) we can apply for citizenship. This will also help us get a new mortgage. Nobody wants to finance us right now because our visas expire in just over a year

  2. blue roses

    Wow – very cool. When you’re all legal, will you adopt me as your child so I can get health care and live on the dole? 😉

  3. Do they then make you eat steak and kidney pie? And are you timed on it?

  4. keri

    stick it out for the passport. i love mine. it gives you options in life. i want to retire to spain!

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