Radio Silence

So I haven’t posted in a while.  Lots of reasons.

  1. Busy with work
  2. Having troubles with the arthritis, which makes both sitting and standing hard work
  3. Out and about a bit
  4. Computer went a little goofy
  5. Watching American Idol / hating Scotty McCreery (A LOT his smug face makes me angry)
  6. Also just haven’t felt like it much

I’m still around though, I’ve had ideas.  You know, Ideas.  I just haven’t had the motivation.  I’m short on motivation lately, and what I’ve got has all gone towards trying to get appointments at the rheumatology clinic and getting a new acupuncture course set up.

I’ve done those things now though (and got a steroid shot to boot, you would not believe how productive I was yesterday) so hopefully I’ll get some more get up and go directly.

We’ve got a trip back to Michigan planned for mid-April.  That’s when my dad’s memorial party is taking place.  I’m looking forward to that and dreading it in equal measures if you want to know the truth (not that it matters if you want the truth seeing as I’ve already said it).  It’s going to be good to see family and friends but it will, obviously, still be very, very sad because he won’t be there cracking wise and drinking beers.  It’ll be more good than sad  when I get there, I’m sure, but still, the build up makes me melancholy.

My awesome cousin, Holly, is preparing a DVD with pictures of my dad over the years, she asked via her mother (my awesome aunt, Kris) for song recomendations the other day, which means I’ve had Willie Nelson stuck in my head ever since.  Mendocino County Line, to be specific.  Also Big Rock Candy Mountain for a little bit (the version from O Brother Where Art Thou?).

So, yeah, more soon.  Promise.  Things less aimless than this, in fact.  Discussion of important and/or funny things.  Or music.  I’m going to see Matt & Kim in a couple weeks, and if that doesn’t break the melancholy than nothing will.


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