Wedding fever

Oh my gosh, please shut up about the stupid royal wedding already!  Especially you, America!  We fought a war so we would be exempt from caring about this nonsense.  Yet there you sit, fussing over what Kate will wear, how this is true love always and how romantic it all is.

It’s not romantic, it’s a pain in the butt, or bum, whatever. 

The only good thing about the whole deal is the extra bank holiday and that is soured by the number of times I have been asked if I’m excited about the upcoming nuptials.  I suppose I am excited in the old-fashioned sense of the word in that it’s got my nerves excited. 

In a country that is drastically cutting public services while government leaders lecture us on austerity, the fact that public funds will be used in support of this event in any way is shocking. That’s right, shocking.

Maybe it’s because I’m American and therefore can’t understand, maybe I’ve just got no sense of romance (though my bookshelves beg to disagree), but I just find the whole thing galling.

So in case you were wondering, I’ll be celebrating by sleeping in, going to Secret Cinema in the evening and maybe attending a friend’s garden party in the afternoon (but only if she has a keg or free cocktails), and maybe trying to egg the American news anchors or at least shouting at them about how there are revolutions in at least two countries that require their focus a tiny bit more and certainly countless worthwhile issues in the US as well.

Yes, my heart is made of stone and apparently, in the British sense of the word anyhow, I’m a die-hard republican.



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7 responses to “Wedding fever

  1. Chris Sloan

    Clearly, you’re American and don’t understand. Or maybe it’s your rabid republicanism, devoid of any romance at all.


    • carolynintheuk

      Yup that’s me; grumpy, pragmatic, monarchy hating, American. Also humourless, bad at sarcasm and says words like herbs, tomato and garage funny

      • blue roses

        At least you’re now inserting the extra letters in various things though.

        I’m excited, but not like “OMG DAY OFF” excited. I will watch clips, I will coo over the dress, but in the same way I do for fashion week and whatever.

  2. Try Scotland. No-one is remotely interested in it up here.

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