Music alert

I haven’t cared much for Fleet Foxes in the past but decided to listen to their new album on NPR’s first listen anyhow, as they’ll be playing Primavera this year and I’ll be attending Primavera this year.  And I am really enjoying it.  They still sound a little too Crosby, Stills, and Nash but, surprisingly, I’m okay with that. 

Oh crap, does this mean I’m going to start liking Crosby, Stills, and Nash now?  Because I used to dislike Fleetwood Mac too, but now I like them.  Which makes me wonder, when did it become okay to like Fleetwood Mac?  Because for a while, it was totally not okay to like them.  And then suddenly, poof, everybody was sounding like Fleetwood Mac and everybody else was enjoying that.  And then whenever I would go over to friends’ houses they’d have their parents’ old Fleetwood Mac records on or they’d be playing Rumours on the ukulele or whatever.

And, dear god, that makes my friends sound nerdy.  They’re not, I swear, they just like music and records and ukuleles and Fleetwood Mac and other things too, like Scotch and The Wicker Man (original) and taking pictures and robots and cake baking and Ghost Dog and Scrabble and this is not helping is it?  Anyhow, my friends are awesome and it’s okay that we all like Fleetwood Mac because they were a very talented band, I just can’t help but wonder when this shift happened. 

As long as nobody ever expects me to like the Eagles, because I’m with The Dude on the Eagles, which is to say that ‘I hate the fucking Eagles, man.’


But the whole point of this was supposed to be, Primavera is really soon and I am very excited to be going again and I cannot wait and yay!  Primavera! Music!  Beer! Sunshine! Barcelona! Goodgoodgoodgoodgood!

I’m not making myself seem any less nerdy am I?


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