So we’re off tomorrow. Gone fishing for weddings and music.  Hopefully the world won’t actually end on the 21st, because I have a lot to do the week after, including but not limited to seeing these guys play some pretty music.

I’m also going to sit in the sun and feel pleased with myself, maybe drink some good coffee, eat some paella, stare at the sea (I will have a couple on offer), stay up too late, and generally have a nice vacation. 

See you in June.



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3 responses to “Junebug

  1. Sounds like a great vacation! The music sounds good, too. I am warming up to Fleet Foxes.

  2. Someone just burned me a couple discs by those guys, but I couldn’t get into it because it bugged me that they sound like My Morning Jacket too much, who I love. I’ll keep spinning it – see if it grows . . .

    • carolynintheuk

      Having never listened to My Morning jacket I can only assume that they also sound a bit like Crosby Stills and Nash. I can confirm however that The Fleet Foxes put on an awesome show (not as awesome Pulp or Sufjan Stevens or Tune-Yards, but still awesome) and I am warming up to them even more as a result. I may even be hot.

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