On making shit up

So why am I not writing more?  Yes the allotment is taking up a fair amount of my free time, but I’m still wasting a good 4-5 hours every day that I could be using to make stories and create fiction and, you know, lie in a socially acceptable manner.  Why am I not doing that?

Somebody motivate me or give me a deadline or something!  Please!  Because seriously, I don’t need to watch more Hollyoaks, it’s not even that good right now, and it’s never been as good as Days of Our Lives.  Particularly the summer when Marlena was possessed by the devil and John Black (her ex-husband) found out he used to be a priest (he forgot because of amnesia due to something Stefano did) so he had to exorcise her.

Perhaps this is the problem, I’m too easily distracted by soap operas.  I need to burn my television (no I don’t, don’t worry television, I won’t really burn you).  Or at the very least I need to avoid it.


This crisis in creativity has been brought to you by a viewing of the movie Bridesmaids, which was very funny and I liked quite a lot but only served to remind me that I can write (and have written in the past) funny things too.  So why am I not doing it?  Because I am lazy, that’s why.  And I really need to get on the ball and stop messing around watching stupid tv shows all the stupid time and write a stupid book already.



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2 responses to “On making shit up

  1. Mollie

    I think it’s moments exactly like these that we need in order to get off of our butts and then back on our butts to write (or whatever creative pursuit is preferred to watching TV). Personally, I think the part of me that tells me I need to watch way too much TV is letting that creative part of me dream exciting things up while my analytical mind is distracted by terribly constructed drama. When I finally feel disgusted enough to get off the couch and turn off the TV, I usually feel an actual sense of readiness to do something more worthwhile. And that makes all the TV worth it, even purposeful, if you will.

  2. blue roses

    Mollie makes some good points. There is a lot of processing that comes with the creative work that is done behind the scenes. On the other hand, I’ll pass on a word or two of wisdom that someone told me once, which I have always remembered (except who actually told me) and also, never seem to take seriously in action – the muse won’t come unless it trusts that you will be there to receive it. Schedule a time to always be at your desk, writing. It doesn’t have to be good writing, but it has to be regular time, so your brain can say “here, it is time to write.” When the muse realizes you’re sitting around waiting, it will come.

    That may be a bunch of hooey, but it sounds nice. So there you go.

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