Places away from here

Jeremy and I are trying to figure out where to go next month for a weekend away.  Front runners at the moment are Vienna and Berlin.  Vienna because that’s where his family emigrated (using that term slightly sarcastically) from in the lat 30’s.  Berlin because everyone says it’s awesome.  Seriously I can’t think of a single person who’s been there recently who was all like, “Berlin was just meh.”

Other contenders include: Amsterdam, Bruges, Paris, or maybe someplace outside of London in this country.

It doesn’t really matter where we go it wuld just be nice to have a weekend away without obligations (even fun ones like music festivals), time to wander and drink coffee leisurely.  Have cocktails and a couple nice dinners, and really not do much of anything.

We’ll be trolling when jeremy gets back from his current business trip.

And then in October, we’ll hopefully return to Venice for Biennale. And then maybe on to southern Italy or Croatia for naps in the sun and plenty of cheap wine.


Sometimes I get grumpy about London.  I think, ‘Ugh why did I move to this crowded dirty city?’ Then I remember how easy it is to get to other places from here.  And that reminds me of the good things about London too.  Like our allotment, Nunhead Cemetery, Frank’s  Campari Bar, the British Library, picnics on Peckham Rye, and so on and so on and so on.  And I think ‘Actually, life’s all right.  London’s okay in my book.’  Or something like that.



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