So Jeremy hasn’t been able to wear his wedding ring lately because it needs to be resized.  I’ve tried to convince him that he ought to at least be wearing it around his neck like a high school girl in the 50’s but he’s not feeling that suggestion.

Anyhow, Friday night was the most recent monthly installment on My Awesome Mixtape at the Slaughtered Lamb in Clerkenwell, and whilst he was spinning records a most brazen hussy in a red dress propositioned him.  Like really, blatantly propositioned him!  I will not repeat what was said, because it was vulgar and I don’t use words like that (lie, I do, I just can’t remember exactly what he said she said and I don’t feel like making anything up, so I’ll take the moral high ground for the moment).  He told her he didn’t think his wife would appreciate it if he took her up on her vulgar offer, but she continued her shameless pursuit.  I had no idea what was going on until I looked over and saw him mouthing the words “HELP ME!”  So I left my dancing companions and went to his aid.  He introduced me and then he made a fatal error.

He put Walk Like an Egyptian on.  Now I love the Bangles.  I love them almost too much.  I have often been found explaining to people how they are a totally under-rated and under-appreciated band.  I think they are super awesome.  However. HOWEVER, Walk Like an Egyptian is a really lousy song. It is a novelty piece of crap.  If you want to play an easily recognizable bangles song just go with Manic Monday. Or be daring, play their cover of Hazy Shade of Winter. Play anything other than Walk Like an Egyptian. That song totally sells them short.

In addition to this, don’t expect me to save you from some classless hussy and then play a song I feel such a strong level of dislike towards.  I mean, really.  Really!  Especially if you also know how much I love that Hazy Shade of Winter cover (in case you don’t know, the answer is: a lot!)

So I left Jeremy to his own devices.  He managed to get away from her without causing any scenes or tears.  And to be honest, I think he’s still feeling quite pleased with himself at having inspired such lust in a random woman off the street.  Even if she is a classless hussy.


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4 responses to “Scandalous!

  1. Hazy Shade of Winter always reminds me of you because you are the only other person I know who loves it as much as me.

    And what is with the trollop??

    • carolynintheuk

      It really is an amazing version of the song.

      Also, I don’t know what was up with her, but she’s lucky I’m lazy, pain avoidant and passionate about the Bangles or she would have been in a world of hurt.

  2. I would totally have had your back. Wedding Band Knuckle Duster-stylee.

  3. Ha!
    Good post. You gotta watch out for those red heads.

    Love that “Hazy Shade of Winter” cover off the “Less Than Zero” soundtrack, which is out of print last I heard. You should amazon that one used because there are a few other must haves on there.

    The hubby sounds like a good dude. I think I would have kept it going with redhead for a bit just to keep pumping the ego.

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