I’m feeling grumpy and out of sorts lately.  There are a variety of reasons for this.  Some of these reasons very boring and mundane and not worth going into.  Other reasons are kind of big and worthwhile and almost cosmincally large (almost typed comically there) and not appropriate for this space, at least not yet.  I’m sure some of these things, both big and small, will come up later, just not now.

In the meantime, I’m thinking it’s worth focussing on some good things to bring my head around to a more positive and genial place.

  1. Yesterday in my yoga class I was able to put my hands in prayer position behind my back!  First time ever that I’ve been able to do this.  It was awesome.
  2. I thought I’d lost a new dress and skirt that I bought on Saturday, but just now I located them for sure.
  3. The allotment is doing really well.  We’ll have runner beans and peas and carrots and tomatoes and cucumbers and radishes soon.
  4. The radishes will probably be first.
  5. We already have zucchini!
  6. Tending the allotment always makes me feel like the witch in Rapunzel with all of her delectable home-grown produce that tempted Rapunzel’s biological pregnant mother and caused all the trouble.
  7. I always think that witch gets kind of raw deal, I mean, yeah, asking for a baby in return for stolen veg is sort of disproportionate, but Rapunzel’s folks shouldn’t have been stealing her stuff in the first place.  I bet if they’d just gone round to hers and asked nicely things would have turned out much better for everyone.
  8. Tonight we’re going to see Jeffrey Lewis at the Lexington. He’s pretty awesome.
  9. We’re going to Vienna the weekend of the 12th
  10. Jeremy’s uncle gave us the address of the apartment where Jeremy’s Bubbie Susie grew up.
  11. Also there’s a butterfly house in Vienna.  I love butterfly houses.
  12. Our dining room in clean and tidy for the first time in approximately 3 years.  Let’s not talk about the second bedroom.



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