Hidden good things

So since I had to get Oliver to the vet by 4:30 today, I went in to work early, and left at about 3pm.

Since I posted about having to take Oliver to the vet at 4:30 today My friend Kirsty got in touch with me and offered me a ride, which was nice for two reasons, first it meant no buses and second it meant hanging out with Kirsty for the first time in ages.

Since I left early to meet Kirsty and take Oliver to the vet that meant I wasn’t taking a bus through Peckham shortly before actual rioting kicked off.


So you know, well done Oliver, for throwing my day totally out of whack and changing my regular schedule.

Also Oliver is doing well now, they had to knock him out so they could drain his cheek (which was also shaved and looks very sad) so now he’s a bit goofy, but he should improve shortly.


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