Scary things part 3

People always seem to come to this blog via search terms about scary things.  List of Scary Things is probably the single most used search term that leads to my decidedly unscary lists (if you are not me, if you are me, I assure you all these things are horrifying).

So here is you 2011 version of things I find scary.  All previous items still apply.

  1. Findng new (or at least previously unseen) cracks in the wall of our house.  Structural integrity is no joke!
  2. Reading the comments on the web version of my hometown’s newspaper.  Especially the talkback section and anything to do with welfare.  Yikes.
  3. Sulfasalazine.  Seriously.  It makes you want to barf, but doesn’t actually make you barf which is unfair.
  4. The sheer volume of weeds in my allotment (it is shocking!).
  5. The speed with which my cat can turn from being the sweetest sweetie pie into the meanest most violent jerkbomb in the world.  We really should have named him Jekyll.
  6. The weather in London this week.  I fear we may have seen the last of the sun for 2011.
  7. Added at 9:04 AM on the 8th of September – Me without caffeine.  Why am I doing this to myself?  Because it’s better for arthritis and health in general I know, but MY GOD I want a cup of coffee!

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