Top Secret No More

So you know how awhile ago I was all like, there is top-secret stuff in my life and I can’t talk about it?  Yes, no?  Well if you don’t remember, there was top-secret stuff in my life and I couldn’t talk about it.

But now I can, so I will.

If you are lucky enough to be my friend on facebook then you already know this, but here it is again anyhow.  I am knocked up.  Got myself in trouble.  Up the duff.  The rabbit died.  There is a bun in my oven.  Etc.

I’m about 13.5 weeks pregnant, specifically.  And this is both very awesome and very weird and kind of terrifying.  When we went in for the first scan last Friday the kid was being uncooperative and would only stand on his/her (we don’t know yet what exactly we’re getting) head which meant we mostly saw a pair of very tiny legs kicking around which was pretty amazing (understatement).

This also means that while we were in Venice I did not have any coffee or wine.  Please pause for a moment and appreciate the super-human restraint required for me to accomplish such a feat.  No coffee, in Italy, home to the beloved cappuccino and espresso and macchiato.  NO COFFEE!  And no wine, in Italy, home to chianti and montepulciano and like 5 kabillion other delicious wines.  I mean, seriously, I deserve some sort of medal of honor for this business.

Someday when this kid is 14 and trying my nerves with all that ‘But Mo-om . . .’ business about dying her/his hair blue or staying out till dawn I will remind her/him of the sacrifices I made in the Autumn of 2011 on her/his behalf and she/he will almost certainly not care at all.  But I will still bring it up.  Often.

I will also bring up all the sickness and nausea and etc of my first trimester, because these last few months have not been very much fun.  Apparently it gets better.  Fingers are crossed.

All sacrifice and puking aside though, I am really excited about this (and scared too).  It’s a new and very big adventure and I can’t wait to meet young Wiggles and yogi when he/se comes out to see the world in May.



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5 responses to “Top Secret No More

  1. That is just amazing news – huge congratulations to you both. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. monstrosity

    What, you’re not gonna let your kid dye their hair blue?!?

    • carolynintheuk

      Actually I probably would, but I would need some good reasons why. But I mean if it just becomes popular and normal in the future, I might say no just to be a jerk 🙂

  3. Kirsty

    Hurrah! May the wriggler be truly appreciative of the sacrifice!
    Yes, yes, you mysterious happily paired off thirty something lady, who alludes to secret news to be broken in the not too distance future, of _course_ nobody might suspect you of being up the duff! Anyhoo, lovely news. Hurrah one more!

  4. Kirsty

    OnCe more- not one more! Argh!

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