More things I say in other places

My friend Sarah let me have another go at being a guest on her awesome blog Cry Cry Baby

You can read it here.



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2 responses to “More things I say in other places

  1. So that is a blog about sad things about being pregnant? That sounds like a recipe for depression. Your story was sad but well-written.

    I popped by to thank you because when I looked at my stats, you are the all-time blog page where my readers come from. I had to get you on my blogroll for that too.

    • carolynintheuk

      So what you’re saying is that I bring all the boys to your yard?

      And that blog isn’t just about sad things, it started after my friend made a joke about how she should start a blog about things you cry about while pregnant (because they are many and varied) and has sort of turned into being about the idiosyncracities of being knocked up.

      To be fair, I’m probably only as interested in it as I am because I am knocked up, but I think it’s pretty awesome

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