Blah blah tired blah

You always think when you are child free and living life, that your friends who have had kids have needlessly turned all lame.  Like why can’t they suck it up and come to this last minute show?  Just get a baby sitter, GOD!  Except babies are exhausting.  Super extra exhausting.  They keep you running all day and then they decide to wake up from 2:30 until 5 in the morning and then they start cutting new teeth and they are sad and pathetic and you can’t really do anything about it except cuddle them and feel horrible.  And then you realise that you were a total douche before but you don’t worry about it too long because you are exhausted so you just go to bed.  Basically.  Which is to say, I’m exhausted.

Despite all the tir20130222_095400ed I’m still going to a show next month.  Yo La Tengo are playing at the Barbican and we’re going and Max will get to hang with his Auntie Julia who will probably throw a YouTube disco for him.  And the next day I will go off to Paris to meet my friend H and will spend my first baby free day since he was born.  It’s going to be pretty weird but I bet it will be pretty awesome too.

And despite the tired (doubly) and the teething, the kid is super excellent.  I taught him how to high five.  It’s pretty much the best thing I’ve ever done.



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3 responses to “Blah blah tired blah

  1. My only musical goal in life right now is to see Yo La Tengo before I die so I am soooo super jealous and happy for you!!!

    And Gay Paree? Well I’m just not even going to say anything because I know you’ll say “Why are you jealous of ME? Your daughter is almost 18 and almost in college and you’re about to have your life back!!” And you’d be right. So we can both be jealous I guess.

  2. Lyssie

    Enjoy! And HUZZAH, another shot of the mixtape top!

  3. Hope the show was good! Love those guys. I may put one on to help unwind now . . .

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