Things I write in other places, part whatever

So I recently submitted this to be part of the narrative map at the Great Lakes Review website.  And it got accepted which is awesome, though full disclosure an old friend from Wayne State University is their Michigan editor.

Anyhow, connections from the 90’s aside, people seem to like it, which is really pretty awesome and kind of surprising.  Mostly awesome, though.



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2 responses to “Things I write in other places, part whatever

  1. Carolyn – I LOVED this. I loved being reminded how much I love reading your writing. Your piece succeeded tremendously in creating and sustaining a strong sense of place. I have never been to Port Huron but I felt it in your writing. I felt the wind from the lake and the smell of late autumn. Wonderful.

  2. Mike

    Having worked and lived at the Lakeshore camp up in Jeddo in 1993 for a few months, your story takes me back. I was just curious about the Michigan pronunciation. I too am a Michigander living in the UK, and pretty much everything you said in your article is true. I just wanted to ask if you ever figured out why Brits call it Mitchigan, and not Mishigan? Must be something to do with the pronunciation of the “ch”. I have to say that when people ask me where I’m from and I say Mishigan, and they flat out turn around and say “Mitchigan you say?” I just want to say, “No, I said Mishigan. Did you misunderstand me?” Really gets on my nerves. Anyway, great article and thanks for the nostalgia.

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