1. I have been reading Wolf Hall for the last 500 years (or 2 months) I really like it but I don’t think it will ever end.
2. My leg is basically healed even though it still hurts 60% of the time. No more crutches though, which is 100% excellent.
3. I’m trying my hand at some speculative fiction,  except news from the U.S. keeps making it feel less speculative, which is sad. Writing it it hasn’t been sad though. Writing it has been really fun, so I’ll keep doing it, thanks, I’ll just have to speculate more.
4. The entire run of A Different World is on Netflix right now. This may severely impede my speculation. I loved A Different World as a kid. It was possibly my first real exposure to the idea of university as something more than an abstract and I’m curious to see how that’s held up 20 odd (Ack! ) years down the road.
5. Speaking of 20 odd years, my 20th high school reunion will be held this summer. I can’t go because we already bought tickets back to Michigan for Autumn. I’m not exactly sad to be missing it but the whole thing has definitely left me melancholy.  Not that it’s hard to leave me melancholy,  but this is extra.
6. More soon, with more detail and more cleverness. Scout’s honor.


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