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In case you were wondering

And I am aware that you probably weren’t, but I’mma tell you anyhow.

I hate it so freaking much when people say ‘across the pond’ to refer to either North America or Europe (depending on your location obviously).  I know I can’t stop people from saying it, I don’t bother mentioning it if someone says it in passing.  But my GOD it really bugs me.

I don’t even know why it bugs me so much, it just does.  A lot.  Consider yourself warned.



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Uncomfortable realisation of the weekend

Babies kind of scare me.

Especially when they’re really little.

They just look too easy to break.

My baby will, of course, be different seeing as he is already well on his way to being gigantic.  But other people’s babies are much too small and the potential for disaster is far too high.  Not that the potential for disaster with my own baby will not also be high.  It will be very high, but I’m not thinking about that too much right now.  I’ve got time to come to terms with that yet, 5 and a half weeks even. 

That’s plenty of time to figure everything out, right?


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