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Blue party

So on Saturday some friends are having a fancy dress party.  The theme is blue.  I have three options, two I already own and one that involves wigs

  1. A vintage dress that used to belong to my Great Grandma.  It is both blue and sparkly
  2. My wedding dress is a blue party dress from the late 50’s.  It would also do.
  3. Go down to Rye Lane and buy a blonde wig and some hippie-ish clothes and go as Joni Mitchell

What do you think dear reader(s)?  Make this decision for me, I am too weakened by the stresses of every day life to think for myself.  Oh woe.



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For Real

So Willie is here for a visit and this month he brought with him mood swings and a replica of Mt Vesuvius on my chin.  “Oh Carolyn,” I hear you say, “Don’t exaggerate.  Mt Vesuvius is much too big to fit on your chin.”

Well, let me tell you, patronizing voice in my head, I have seen Mt Vesuvius and I have seen the impressive zit on my chin, and I can assure you that they are roughly the same size!  There’re probably a fair few ruins just waiting to be excavated in the lower right hand corner of my face.  Just around the corner from Vesuvius 2: Electric Boogaloo there might even be a pizza place and a wacky European disco.  Sometime this evening I may have to make evacuation announcements.

I’m sorry.  I’ve gone too far with the metaphor and taken it from trite to full on annoying.  You deserve better, dear reader(s).  To quote the classic coming of age movie My Girl  “Go Away! And don’t come back for five to seven days!”

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DJ Zbornak rides again

Last night was January’s installment of My Awesome Mix Tape at the Gowlett in Peckham.  Since Harvey was out of town I (DJ Zbornak) got to be one of the guest DJs for the evening.  I played about an hour and took the easy road for the evening by planning out a playlist on my Ipod and just hitting play.  Lame?  Maybe.  But it was a lot less stressfull than the already low stress method of lugging a bunch of CDs to the pub.  Also the Gowlett’s CD players are busted and I only own one record album (Neneh Cherry’s Raw Like Sushi) so I had to make do.

My playlist for the evening started off with There’s a Tear in my Beer by Hank Williams Sr, Hero/Heroine by Freakwater and Hope is a Thing with Feathers by Trailer Bride and then took  a winding road to visit the likes of  Etta James (Stop the Wedding), All Girl Summer Fun Band (Grizzly), Solex (Solex All Lickety Split), Neko Case (John Saw that Number), The White Stripes (I just Don’t Know What to do With Myself), Regina Spector (Us), Jenny Toomey (Baby Would it Matter) and, of course, The Bangles (Hazy Shade of Winter).

And sure when he said it Jeremy was a little bit tipsy but he did tell me I played “A really good set, really good, I’ma go get some Scotch now.”  And then he bobbled away.  I’m inclined to  agree with him, but then I did play a bunch of my favorite songs, so I would.


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You know you’re interested in my sweat

I checked out a new Bikram Yoga Studio last night.  This one near the Old St station.  It’s smaller and a bit grottier than the one in sort of Soho that I started at but cheaper for 10-class passes and also a little bit easier to get to and from.  The one in sort of Soho had a better starter deal of 10 classes for 20 squid whereas the starter deal at Old St of 1 month for 30 squid had schedule restrictions that wouldn’t work for me. 

Anyhow, last night was my 6th class and it went really well, I’m a little achy today, but definitely feel like I’m getting the hang of this.  I no longer spend the entire class wishing for death and at the end I no longer feel totally wiped out.  Still feel fairly wiped out, but not totally.

The thing I really like about Bikram is that it’s a set series of 26 poses always done in the same order.  You start and end with breathing exercises and you do each pose twice.  This set formula allows you to get lost in the actions and focus on what your body is doing without getting distracted.  I like knowing what to expect when I walk into the studio each time. 

Once, back in Chicago, I went to an Ashtanga (I think) yoga class in Evanston and we spent a full 45 minutes focusing on our toes.  Our toes!  I spent the whole time thinking about how freaking lame that was that by the end I felt more tense than I did when I arrived.  I’m sort of bad at letting my mind clear when I’m supposed to be focusing on the stretch.  But with Bikram yoga knowing what to expect has really helped me to stop obsessing over the petty business of putting on unflattering work out clothes and sweating excessively and equally helped me focus on what my body is doing and how it is changing and adjusting.

I’ve bought a 10 class pass and my intention is to go at least 3 times a week and then someday I will be able to do all of these

number 20 is the hardest for me so far


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Dear America,

Remember four years ago when I was all like, God America, quit electing jerks and making them my president?  No, well trust me it happened, I was grouchy about it.  Not that I was all psyched about John Kerry or anything but, to me, he seemed like the better option.  Unfortunately, you disagreed with me America, well at least 51% of the voting public did, supposedly.  I’m looking at you Ohio.

But this year, you saw the error of your ways and today we all get an awesome new president.

Now don’t fuck it up, America, okay?



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Guess what happens tomorrow?

It’s new president day!  Awseome.

Also, I’m gonna go to yoga, but that’s not nearly as exciting.

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Books and words and things


My book club meets tonight to discus Spring Snowby Yukio Mishima.  It was good but very slow moving and strangely delicate.  I don’t know if I will read the other books in The Sea of Tranquility Quad, but I am glad I read this.  Even though it had a strong central plot line running through, the book moved in a slow almost dreamlike manner, as if it were just a series of images and movements.  When I think back to the experience of reading it, it’s almost as if I’m seeing the world created by the author through a glass.

Now I need to think of some books to suggest for the next meeting.  Anybody know any good classic type books you think I ought to have read by this point?


Maybe this bit should be called Webs since it’s related to the interwebs, but it’s also about words. 

Lately, it feels like all of Port Huron (Port Huron of 1995 and earlier anyhow) is reaching out to me  from the internets (typo of internest there).  This is not a bad thing.  It is, however, a little disconcerting.  I’ve spent the last 13 years with out a whole lot of contact with anybody from the Blue Water area (family excepted, of course) and suddenly people are all over my Facebook.  Obviously a lot of them have left the area too, but my brain still puts them back at approximately age 16 in various locations (the Coney, the library, the mall, the high school, the Denny’s, the rocks by the river, wherever) in Port Huron, and this puts me back at approximately age 16 in Port Huron myself and that is weird.

It’s weird because I am not 16 in Port Huron, I am 31 in London.  I am an age I could never have imagined at 16 and in a place so far removed from where I was at 16.  I feel like there’s an onslaught of memories shifting around in my head all the time and it can be a little overwhelming.  And trust me, for me to find this overwhelming, me who will dwell in the past and nostalgia all the live long day quite happily, it’s, well, it’s overwhelming, okay?  I don’t have another word for it.

Again, not bad, generally it’s really good to hear from and about all these old friends who I’d resigned myself to having lost, but good Christmas, it can make a girl feel sort of torn between versions of herself.


This is the miscellaneous bit.

  • Back to yoga tomorrow
  • Jeremy is in Germany until tomorrow night
  • I still have plenty of tuna noodle casserole left over (yay)
  • I slept too long this morning and had to run around like a mad woman
  • I’ve not had any cigarettes, not even social ones, since new year’s eve (well done me).
  • Tunde Adebimpe from TV on the Radio used to be in a band with Mike Patton of Faith No More and Mr Bungle.  Who knew? The Guardian, that’s who, and they told me.

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