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D Day Approaches

Or rather ED Day.

Tomorrow is my estimated due date.  As my original due date was the 16th I’m not really expecting any action tomorrow, but who knows and this point we could hit go time at any second.

I’ve been off work since April 16th although my maternity leave doesn’t officially start until Monday.  I saved up my annual leave so I wouldn’t have to start my maternity leave until a later date.  The last month has been spent cooking food to freeze (2 pasta sauces, 3 soups), napping, running errands, staring happily at our new washer dryer, and spending some last bits of quality time with Oliver before he drops down to second favourite.

It’s weird to be at the end of this stage.  That in 2 weeks there will be a new member of my family who will change everything.  I’m equal parts excited and scared these days (and tired, pregnancy is not actually a time to catch up on your sleep no matter what people will tell you, especially not late pregnancy) so much is about to change, you know?  And it’s thrilling and terrifying to be on this cusp.

There are still things to do (this kid needs a name!  We have a shortlist, just no firm decisions yet.  His nursery furniture isn’t due to arrive till next week.  We have a Moses basket set up though and a temporary dresser so we’ll be fine, etc). All the immediate necessary stuff has been taken care of though.  My ability to do a lot of stuff that used to be super easy has been diminishing over the last few weeks.  Take bending for instance, that’s a thing of the past.  It’ll come back though.

I was hoping to use this last month as a time to do lots of writing and knitting as well.  Unfortunately I developed carpal tunnel from about 36 weeks, it’s not terrible today, but I have to take lots of breaks when I do anything with my hands it requires lots of breaks and still results in lots of tingling and swelling so that hasn’t worked out like I’d originally hoped.  Although it did give me an excuse to make other people create training documents for me during my last week at work (delegation for the win!) so that’s an upside to swollen painful hands if ever there was one.

Today the little dude and I are listening to some music from my cd collection to see if he can be enticed by anything that isn’t folk and country influenced (not yet, I haven’t tried the Pixies though, which is a serious oversight on my part) and later today Jeremy and I will be meeting for a nice dinner out in Bermondsey.  And next week maybe we actually get to meet this kid face to face.  It’s going to be pretty amazing.


Just brought Debaser up on youtube.  He appears to approve.  Good man.






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