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It’s the last day of the year?  How did that happen? 

Neither of those sentiments is very original.  Sorry, max has been waking most nights at either 2 or 4 lately (although this morning he made it till 6:30ish, knock wood) and my brain is just an inch or so away from being declared dead.  And I’m lucky he doesn’t wake up more, as far as baby related things go we’ve been super lucky on the sleep front so long as we don’t talk about the hell week following our return home from America at the beginning of the month. 

Anyhow, lucky or not, I’m exhausted right now and typing this as he sits on his play mat trying to eat a rattle with far more interest than he gives any of the actual food I’ve been making him.  Occasionally he’ll look up and give me a big gummy smile.  It’s pretty excellent.*

We took him to see an exhibit called Death: A Self Portrait at the Wellcome Collection yesterday.  Well, really we wanted to see it and he had to come along because he’s a baby and it turns out that you can;t leave them at home unattended (Who knew?).  Jeremy was carrying him around the exhibit in the Baby Bjorn and I was roaming free and without a baby strapped to me which is pretty rare these days.  It was a pretty morbid exhibit, unsurprisingly, but it was also really cool. A nice mix of old and current pieces from all over the world.

Anyhow, I was walking around minding my own business looking at some pretty excellent, if gruesome pieces when I heard this laughter and there was my kid cracking up at all these dance macabre prints and other various images of death and the dying.  I may be raising a tiny goth.  Jeremy says he’s too little to understand what he was seeing, but I don’t know, he was just a little too gleeful. 

I should probably stock up on eyeliner just in case

*Then it took over 20 minutes for me to put him down for a nap.  He clearly knew I was talking about him on the internet and decided to punish me.


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31 December, 2012 · 3:41 pm