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It’s kind of a big deal


For the first time since breaking my leg I was just able to sit on the floor and build Max a train track setup.  It’s not my best work,  but I did it and it’s more than a basic circle, so I’m calling it a total win.
Speaking of my broken leg, tomorrow I go in for x rays and a check up with my orthopaedic consultant. I should find out how broken my leg still is (hopefully just a very tiny bit) and if I can start carrying Max from place to place again.  Also, I will not forget to ask if all the metal (a pin down the length of my tibia and 4 screws to hold it in place) in my leg is now a permanent feature in my physiology.

Most importantly of all through, I’m hoping they’ll give me copies of my x rays so I can see from start to finish exactly what was happening with my leg.
And even though I refused to post ultrasounds of Max on the grounds that it was weird to put pictures of my insides online I will totally put these up, because legs are different.  They just are.
Especially when they’re bionic.


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