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Lazy Mommy is Lazy

Why, yes, we are watching The Lego Movie again this morning. But there are reasons! Reasons that are not all related to laziness! We’re waiting on a delivery from Ikea and while they are supposed to give you an hour’s notice, that, quite frankly, isn’t enough time for me to walk home from the park right now. So, Lego Movie.

There’s also been jumping and train driving and playing, but at the moment I have parenting limitations. We’ll do something creative this afternoon, promise


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I’ve been neglecting this space.  I’m not even sure why but it’s been stupid of me.  I like writing here. I like the open-ness of it. I’m starting again right now.

So it’s been a sort of tumultuous autumn.  I broke my leg at the end of August and have been slowly healing since. I thought my recovery time would be spent writing and creating like a machine but for some reason I couldn’t get in gear.  I can’t even blame painkillers because they only sent me home with codeine and paracetamol which are  the least enjoyable painkillers of all,

I did however spend my time doing a lot of knitting and watching of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I knitted a shawl, a lace scarf, a cardigan, a cowl and a baby hat.  I’m almost done with a second shawl now and hope to start a sweater for Jeremy tonight. So even though I didn’t write a novel while laid up I did rediscover my love of knitting in a big way. Also I learned that I was stupid not to watch Buffy when it was originally on. That show was really good.

So this is a boring entry, I apologise for that, but by the end of the week I’ll be more interesting, promise

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