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If you want to keep trak of all Max’s awesomeness, you should go here


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8 weeks you say?

So Max is 8 whole weeks old s of Wednesday at 17:25.


He’s smiling a lot more and yesterday he even laughed. He also winked at a friend if mine yesterday.

This kid is already a flirt.

This space is probably going to be pretty baby-centric for awhile because that’s where my whole focus currently lies given that I am the sole provider of food and the main caregiver for this little character.

Right now he’s sleeping on my chest and I’m feeling totally flummoxed by the fact that just 9 weeks ago he lived inside me.

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I have so much I want to write about but very little time and not very much brain power and that is frustrating.
Soon. I promise I’ll have interesting things to say soon.
In the meantime let’s all wonder how the hell I went from mocking One Tree Hill reruns to watching them every day (while mocking them, but still its concerning).

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Small moments

Max is upstairs in his Moses basket as part of my new attempt to get him to nap more regularly.  His not, however, napping.  At least not the last time I checked.  In fact, the last time I checked he was hanging out with sleepy eyes checking out his mobile and kicking his legs.  I don’t know if this will work but it’s worth a try.


You may not care about this sort of thing, so feel free to look away, but the kid hates naps.  He’d rather hang in his bouncy chair and stare at the wall (while being bounced of course) where he may eventually fall asleep (but only while being bounced).  I’d rather find a lower maitenance napping method for the little guy so hopefully this will be the start of something good.

Overall things are goign really well.  We’ve had some rough nights but mostly Max is a pretty mellow kid.  He’s started smiling and is making more noises of the cooing variety and he really likes to stick out his tongue.  Also he is obsessed with lights.  The kid loves staring at lights.

And the great napping plan has not worked out.  He made noises and Jeremy went to tend to him and give him some cuddles, not that Max has us wrapped around his fingers or anything, oh no.  I figure when you’re only 7 weeks old it’s okay to be spoiled, though, it’s not like he’ll remember any of this, and if he does it will be a memory of being loved and I can’t find anything wrong with that



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How to deal with a breastfeeding mother of an infant

New mothers are a slightly dangerous breed.  We’re hormonal and sleep deprived and often healing SLOOOOOWLY from stitches in places I’m not going to mention on this blog.  So here are some handy tips on how best to approach the new mother in your life, particularly if she is breastfeeding on demand.

  1. Stay the hell away from her snacks – this may actually apply even more than it did when she was pregnant.  She needs to eat just as much and she can probably only do it with one hand because she’s also trying to feed a squalling baby.  If you take that cookie or granola bar and leave her with nothing easy to shove into her mouth she may well use that free hand to punch you in the face.
  2. When she tells you that she is very tired, do not, DO NOT, try to compare your tiredness with hers. 
  3. When you see her for the first time post birth you tell her how awesome she looks and how beautiful her baby is.  Ignore the fact that she still probably looks a little bit pregnant and her baby probably has baby acne (it’s real!  Ignore it.) and just tell her she looks great.  You’ll both know it’s a lie but she will choose to believe it and you will get good karma points.
  4. If you ask her how the birth went, let her know upfront how much detail you want.  If you don’t specify that you only want the Reader’s Digest version you may end up learning more about all sorts of scary crap then you actually wanted to.
  5. Don’t try to take her picture while she’s breastfeeding or just after she’s finished breastfeeding unless she gives you the okay first.
  6. Bring cake.  Or pie or pizza or cookies or some other deliecious easy to eat snack.
  7. Seriously, stay away from her snacks, all right.  Even if you brought the snacks.  You let her pick first.  You could lose a hand if you don’t.


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